Open books, open doors


by Katie Martinez

Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough.

That’s the tune several bookstore owners in the area are singing coming from a recently shaky economy.

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Bridging classroom language barriers


by Deborah Harris

Reading was always the most difficult subject for Aracely Perez.

Because her parents are from Mexico, it was difficult to stay motivated, let alone achieve literacy. Her mother tried to make sure her kids kept up in school, but her mother’s own fifth grade education made that difficult.

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A happy ending for neglected animals


by Haley Ray

Katrina Greely was six years old when she saw a lion walking around her neighborhood on her way home from school. Her childhood friend’s family kept the lion as a pet, and occasionally brought it through the community.

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Durham-based film company weaves stories through food


by Katie Reeder

At Vittles Films, it’s not just about the food. It’s about the stories behind the food.

“(Food) is a very universally understood thing and often helps people get over barriers that might otherwise keep them from listening to another person’s story,” D.L. Anderson, co-founder of Vittles, said.

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Chapel Hill students navigate minority teacher shortage


by Deborah Harris

Alexa Parvey was in her sophomore honors English class at Chapel Hill High School — but the conversation wasn’t about from literature.

The class began discussing the lack of minority students in honors classes relative to standard classes. A student weighed in: “Minorities aren’t in honors classes because they don’t care about school.”

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Triangle youth sports combat concussions


by Victoria Mirian

The soccer ball flew straight for her head.

But jumping to meet it, she met a different object — another player’s skull.

Jason Bailey, head athletic trainer for Capital Area Soccer League (CASL), picked up his phone and dialed 911. Sirens blared minutes later and, after an emergency room visit, the doctors diagnosed the young soccer player’s fourth concussion to date.

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Setting the Bar: Bean & Barrel


Monthly review by Kathleen Harrington

AKA: The Bean

Location: 50100 Governors Drive, Chapel Hill, N.C. 27517

Price: $$$

Age range: Late 30s and 40s

 Atmosphere Bean & Barrel and spots similar to it are the reason the idiom “don’t judge a book by its cover” exists. Located in the parking lot of a Food Lion and adjacent to China Chef restaurant and Atkins Dentistry, Bean & Barrel looks like just another strip mall place holder.

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Priceless Gem: Laurel Kaye


Like most people, she loves chocolate, animals, reading, writing, cooking and drawing – but Laurel Kaye is not most people.

Most people would not voluntarily sign up for a one-way trip to Mars, without any guarantee of returning to Earth.

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Pittsboro B&B Owners Paint New Vision

by Sarah Chaney

He points to a carved Santa Claus and then to a painting of lined-up men playing banjos.

These are models of the sort of art our new museum will display, Dave Clark said.

“It’s going right out there,” he said, pointing to a space outside his and Lisa Piper’s green bed-and-breakfast, within eyeshot of the Chatham County Courthouse.

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CSA Profit Landscape Changing


by Haley Ray

Getting farm-fresh produce delivered right to your door is now healthier and easier than ordering pizza. Triangle and Triad area families support Community Supported Agriculture, also known as CSA, more and more as farms continue to grow — but online markets are cutting down subscriptions.

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Pickleball Gains Traction in Chapel Hill


by Kelsey Weekman

A fluttering of sneaker squeaking and paddle-on-plastic fills a gymnasium room of mostly middle-to-late-aged men and women.

Rows of participants stand and sit at the edge of the three-court layout, eagerly awaiting their chance to play.

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Chapel Hill-Carrboro Schools Go Green

by Victoria Mirian

While McDougle Middle School’s rain garden sits waiting for rain, four solar panels stand outside the library waiting for sunshine.

When a group of students approached McDougle science teacher Ruben Giral with the idea for the solar panels, Giral encouraged them to pursue it.

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UNC Hospital Nears Completion in Hillsborough


by Sarah Chaney

UNC Health Care is slated to open a hospital in Hillsborough in July, as part of an effort to reduce pressure on its Chapel Hill campus.

The construction of the hospital will cost UNC Health Care about $200 million in reserves and provide 400 new jobs.

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Setting the Bar

Monthly Review by Kathleen Harrington


AKA: The Secret Bar

Location: 100a Brewer Lane, Carrboro, N.C.  27510

Price: $$$

Age range: Late 20s and 30s


True to its name, this spot isn’t an easy one to find. I parked beyond the railroad tracks that cross Brewer Lane and walked back up toward East Main Street in search of this bar.

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